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I flew Delta to go to Montreal for a short visit and some of their planes are equipped with the gogo in-flight internet service. (To be fair, I’m still flying with Delta right now.) I thought I’d give their in-flight internet service a try. I was expecting something ridiculously slow, but surprisingly, it’s more than usable. I did a quick speedcheck and the results are (wiht a server in Houston and the in-flight service hailing from the Dallas or Houston I think. I wasn’t very observant.):

Download speed: 2.38 Mb/s

Upload speed: 0.3Mb/s

ping time: 198ms

It’s actually more than usable. If I were a very frequent flyer, I might consider if they have some sort of plans with a monthly charge or something. Transatlantic flight might be more interesting. This is a 3.5 hours flight and the 13$ charge is almost worth it. If I’m not mistaken, the service price is tiered, but only  with 2 levels of service. Flights under 3 hours are 10$, whlile flights over three hours are 13$. Additionally, Service for pda’s and handhelds is 7$ regardless of flight time. I’m sure there’s a way to get linux (or possibly using firefox on windows for that matter) to make the system believe you’re a blackberry. It’d be interesting to check whether they’re only using the user-agent string to identify devices. Not that I’m advocating you break their terms of service. I know I’m not doing such a thing, but as a geek, I’m wondering how vulnerable their scheme is.

[Edit 10:01MT: Works fine with Hulu, which makes me wonder why the hell Hulu keeps freezing on my comcast connection at home.]

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