Charles Basenga Kiyanda

Wikipedia licensing will be compatible with creative commons

[I know I’d promised this post would be about the great idea I have and which I’ve been dangling around without really being descriptive, but as far as I can see, this has just come out and I need to talk about it.]

So the wikimedia foundation just announced a deal was accepted by everyone that […]

“Google Maps” for bicycles

Just saw this on the OpenStreetMaps mailing list:

I were just told about an bikerouting application for Gotheburg, Sweden. It’s all in swedish but may be interesting anyway. It is at <>, try for example enter “parkgatan 7” as start/Från and “torggatan 1” as destination/Till and then click “Beräkna rutt”. You get a route in […]

How linux (well, really foss) is going to rule the world: the 2-step program

Linux on the desktop and so FOSS, Free (as in free speech) and Open Source Software, have been making headway lately. Linux is still not accepted as an operating system. It’s still viewed as a geekie thing that’s not ready to be used by the masses. So I was wondering lately how this could be […]