Charles Basenga Kiyanda

Linux and music production

An interesting article on an electronic musician, Kim Cascone, switching from Mac to Linux for his music production. I wonder how this guy’s installation compares from starting with Ubunu Studio. My understanding is that Ubuntu Studio is supposed to be tailored to audio/video/image production from the start. I’ve been meaning to try it for a […]

Old vs. New

I saw “Public Enemies” and I must admit that the only thing I could think of during the whole movie was “Was this entire movie shot in digital?”

The answer? It appears it was.

I’m not sure why I found the visual look of the film so disturbing. It kept distracting me. I guess, at the beginning […]

live from above the clouds

I flew Delta to go to Montreal for a short visit and some of their planes are equipped with the gogo in-flight internet service. (To be fair, I’m still flying with Delta right now.) I thought I’d give their in-flight internet service a try. I was expecting something ridiculously slow, but surprisingly, it’s more than […]

It’s the simple things

Every time I buy music from amazon in mp3 format, I’m absolutely amazed at how well it works. I’m not just talking about the no-drm mp3 stuff, that’s only half of the equation. What’s the other half? Convenience. Amazon has a download utility for their digital music sales. I was amazed the first time I […]

Cracks me up every time

Hulu has this intel ad on repeat these days. Cracks me up every time. I know intel’s just been fined 1 billion dollars or something of the sort. I guess it makes them evil. Still, this is just funny.

[I had to resize the thing a bit. Somehow, the widescreen youtube clips don’t jive with the […]

Articles like this make me want to become a journalist. A company (a canadian company too, makes me ashamed) reinvented the de-humidifier, packaged it with a catchy name (the “watermill”) and a magic bacteria killing UV light and sells it for an outrageously high price (1200$). I understand journalists can’t be expected to know everything […]

The biggest flower in the world… in HD!

The Titan Arum in Milwaukee is about to bloom. To allow everyone to share on the experience, there’s an HD feed of the flower available. If you can’t access it or if you’re not inclined to install VLC, then I suggest you go to the static image feed updated every 5 seconds. More details on […]

AAA (and CAA) lobby against the environment

I just saw a link to the better world club on the PhD comics Cecilia’s blog. Ont he BWC website, I learned that AAA (and by extension CAA) lobbies, using money from the dues, against sensible environment-friendly policies. They lobby for more road construction and have been, at times, known to oppose policies that would […]

Living in the desert: A lesson for the computer user

I’m writing this post using my brand new Aopen motherboard. (Nothing to brag about, it’s a quick thing I found on ebay that would support my athlon 64 single core socket 939. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just know that a very important part of my computer died unexpectedly and I […]

The sequel

The sequel to shit, Shift 2 has arrived!