Charles Basenga Kiyanda

PSA: Cover Letters

I’m guilty of writing shitty cover letters (I’m amazed I ever got a job). NPR Ed has a great write-up about cover letters. While it’s in the context of internship seekers, it all rings true for a job seeker as well. It’s also true for students. My name’s only been on the university website as […]

Philosophical questions about the current US situation

(cross-posted on Facebook as a public update)
It’s not every day that one gets to have basic philosophical interrogations about a concrete action in one’s everyday, professional life.


I have two conferences coming up in the US. There is a (still looking small) number of canadian academics boycotting conferences taking place in the US in response to […]

ICDERS 2015 poster

I had a poster at icders 2015 this year on a version 0 of an online database for experimental HE data. I did put the address of my personal webiste on that poster, so you might have ended up here from there.


I couldn’t attend, but my colleague was nice enough to put the poster up […]