Charles Basenga Kiyanda

training for a century: better time

Didn’t ride much all week but I went out today for a 28 miles ride. (28.6 to be exact.) Same ride as last week, which I did in the other direction this time and I was back in 2:15 (plus stops), which is 10 minutes faster than last time. The weather was much nicer, lots of clouds and a cool breeze. I also slept the night before and ate before I left, so that helped too. 🙂

All the details are

  • 28.6 miles
  • 2h15
  • 12.7mph pace
  • cadence aroune 82 average ( a bit low, I chocked at the end there, I’ll try to bring this up to 90)

the 12.7mph pace brings just under an 8 hour century (assuming I can keep this pace for 100 miles), which is good. I’ll try to improve this further. Hopefully, I can brin this up slightly above 13mph pretty quickly. I’ll have to find myself some 1h-ish training rides I can do at lunch now.

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