Charles Basenga Kiyanda

Six months music challenge, part 7 : Geneviève et Matthieu

This one comes straight from my own town. Geneviève et Matthieu are a duo singing eclectic music. I’ve never been an incredibly great fan, a little too crazy for my taste. It appears that, lately, they’ve been exploring music which is more, well, actually music.

This group satisfies the criteria for this challenge since they give music away on their site, in unrestricted mp3 format, for free. Right now they distribute a single song, “Ne pleure pas”. I hope they’ll distribute more songs in the future. I guess the business decision one has to make is to determine how many songs are enough to get a non-listener (imagine, well, me) to buy the album or come to the show, while not giving away too many so that people don’t care much for the entire album. In this particular case, I’d like to see a few more songs, let’s say 2-4 more to give me a better taste for their music and an option to either buy the album in physical form or just download it for a small price. For example, right now, after listening to this one song, I could be tempted to buy the whole album in crappy mp3 for 3-5$, but I wouldn’t be ready to spend 10-20$ to get the physical CD. It just doesn’t mean enough for me right now.

Ultimately, this is one of the great assests digital technology give essentially unknown musicians and bands. The distribution medium itself (the internet) gives you access to a wide market and find new fans who will ultimately buy the full quality product. Alas, that’s not the only advantage. The digital format also gives you the option of selling directly, for a low price, a lower quality version of your music. People like me who aren’t really interested in the full quality product, but would be willing to listen to the mp3 version and pay a few dollars for it. So there you go. There’s really two ways to find new customers for your music in the digital world.

[By the way, there’s also a video clip of the song “Talons aiguilles” you can watch on their website.]

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