Charles Basenga Kiyanda

Travelling for free

The twitchhiker, found this through a news item on cyberpresse [french]. A man travelled for 30 days by leveraging his online contacts. He was following 5 rules, as follows:

  • can only accept offers from twitter users followign @twitchhiker. Can’t accept offers from a twitterers friend’s dad’s girlfriend
  • can only plan 3 days in advance
  • can only spend money on food, drinks and whatever fits in the suitcase
  • can pick between multiple offers, but if there’s only one offer, it has to be accepted within 48 hours
  • can only stay 48 hours in the same location. If he can’t move away after 48 hours, the challenge is over and he goes home

The challenge is over (if I’d known, I would have taken that opportunity to finally familiarize myself with twitter), but you can read about his travels on his blog.

This game reminds me of couchsurfing, which I’d like to try at some point. I’m a bit apprehensive about having someone spend the night at my house, especially if I have to go to work during the day. I’m not sure what the social norm is in couchsurfing about giving a key to the house to your visitors or locking them out of the house when you’re not there. Maybe I’ll start by offering to take someone around the area here if they’re visiting New Mexico.

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