Charles Basenga Kiyanda

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I had seen this a few days ago and, somehow, was too tired to realized how important it should be for me to read this. I’ve just skimmed it quickly and I like that some of what is being discussed there is what I have in mind. (I apologize in advance if you don’t quite know what I have in mind, I’ve been jumping back and forth trying to find how to tackle this. This week, I’ll sit down and write formally what I actually have in mind. At least what I have in mind now. It keeps evolving.)

The site for the online symposium is here. It’s basically a blog with many invited writers for a finite short period of time.

[Update 1: I’m reading on the site just now and it makes me feel good. I can’t stop thinking (someone is sleeping next door, so I can’t shout) “Yes! Yes! Finally, someone who’s thinking the same thing I am!” Feels good to read this from established professors. At least, I’m not just some delusional idealistic phd student. At least, if it ends up being that I was too lazy to do it, someone else will do it before me and I’ll be able to profit from it anyway.]

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