Charles Basenga Kiyanda

What’s this internet thing, now? (The science version)

I’ve been reading the new music strategies blog by Andrew Dubber and have been enjoying my read lately. The blog is about the world of online music and the interaction of musical artists, the internet and the fans, to a certain point. I’ve been finding a lot of parallels between Dubber’s world of online music […]

To actually be coded soon: An overview

Ok, so I keep going about how I have this great idea that could improve the way scientists communicate. I also keep rambling on about what scientific communication is (or at least what I think it is), what it should be, what it will have to be. Finally, as promised, here is the overview of […]

Science and copyright

I swear, in my next post, I’ll give all the details I think I can give (that is, all the details which are set in my head) about my “great” idea for the future of scientific communication. In the meantime, I just want to have a little chat about science and copyright.

Part of the reason […]

Check this out

I had seen this a few days ago and, somehow, was too tired to realized how important it should be for me to read this. I’ve just skimmed it quickly and I like that some of what is being discussed there is what I have in mind. (I apologize in advance if you don’t […]

Of science and music

After my last post, I had a comment by Alex, who didn’t believe one could compare science publications with musical records. I’ll give him right that there are many differences between the two, although I still think there’s one important parallel that can be drawn between the two.

First, here’s how it works when you publish […]

Unsprung Artists and

I was strolling around the tube, reading the different blogs I like to read when I came across this posting by an internet company, SONGboost. What are they saying?

 If you are an unsprung artist (unsigned, unknown, undiscovered, emerging) and your wondering how to make money from music, you should not plan your future around selling […]

An interesting talk

I saw a talk this week, by John Fleck, science writer for the Albuquerque Journal. It was an interesting talk by all measures. Titled “Communicating Science: What the News Media Can Do, and What It Can’t”, I would have entitled it “Science Writing for General Audience Publication: How I do my job”.

Of most interest […]

It’s more than time!

During my daily (who am I kidding, hourly) slashdot browsing, I came about this commentary regarding a new advocacy group lobbying for traditional commercial scientific journals.. The lobbying group is called Prism. They’re a Partnership for Rrsearch Integrity in Science and Medicine. The main point of interest on /. was about how this lobby […]

It is time

If I’m going to be serious about this new way of disseminating science, it has to start now! I just saw on slashdot that a new science site, which they titled as “YouTube for Science” had started. It’s called SciVee. This is not exactly what I was thinking of (so I haven’t been scooped yet, […]

journal bugs

There’s something that bugs me about journal papers. Something that bugs me deeply, to the point that I really dislike writing papers. Part of it is stems from my personnal interests. I’ve always liked to do puzzle. I like to collect different “mind patience games” (I know this in french as jeux de patience, the […]