Charles Basenga Kiyanda

Six months challenge part 5: Jon Lajoie

I struggled for the last two days about including Jon Lajoie in this series. This artist is a comedian and while he makes music and distributes it for free, it’s all parody. (And there seems to be a whole lot of his work which isn’t music.) Still, I wondered whether I would include stuff by Weird Al Yankovic on here as music. I finally decided that it should. This stuff is too funny to pass up. Some titles are just great. I’m thinking about “Everyday Regular Normal Guy”, a rap song about a regular guy who makes a pretty good spaghetti sauce and is really good at making paper planes. Some titles are a bit more offensive (“Show me your genitals”), but again this is parody and you should approach it as such. The artist posts all of his videos on youtube and other services, so feel free to watch the videos of the songs. Here are a few of my favorite.

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