Charles Basenga Kiyanda


The french-irish-ivorian electronic band is distributing a 7 song album for free with a creative commons license on jamendo. Haven’t listened to it yet, but I’ve been enjoying their boom boom ba song (which you quite happily buy on amazon for a dollar).

Personally, of the other two albums, “My Fault” (2001) and “Nomah’s Land” (2007), […]

6 months music challenge: Coldplay giving away a free 9 song live album

Go there and download the 9 song live album leftrightleftrightleft from Coldplay.

Go play the game, then go download songs

Play the game You have to burn the rope here and then go download some songs. I’m not quite sure where this is going, but it’s interesting at least and even funny (at least I think so).

Six months music challenge, part 9: A whole bunch of stuff

Music for free

First, let me point to Oprah’s favorite things/songs CD free download. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to download it anymore. This was available in at the end of November and only for 48 hours. I’m actually quite excited about this offering. For one, it caters to a different demographis than the nerdcore music […]

Six months music challenge, part 8: Undercover black man

Well, apologies are in order. First off, I must apologize for not having posted anything in a long while. Mostly, I was busy with a conference and just dropped the ball when I came back, but I also had some website problems, which leads me to my second set of apologies. My website was blocked […]

Six months challenge part 6: The bastard fairies

The bastard fairies is an eclectic type of stuff, yet interesting. This particular scheme is to give away a good part of the album (in this case, 12 of 17 songs) and sell the full album for a price (in this case in physical form). I actually downloaded the free 12 songs a while back […]

Six months challenge part 5: Jon Lajoie

I struggled for the last two days about including Jon Lajoie in this series. This artist is a comedian and while he makes music and distributes it for free, it’s all parody. (And there seems to be a whole lot of his work which isn’t music.) Still, I wondered whether I would include stuff by […]

6 month challenge, part 3: Jonathan Coulton

I’m 4 days late, sorry, I’ve been preparing my preliminary exam and haven’t had much time to update. This week’s (well last week’s) artist is Jonathan Coulton. I’ve actually known about Jonathan Coulton for quite a while, so this is a little bit of cheating, but I was keeping his site and music for a […]

The 6 months music challenge 2: Girl Talk

A friend of mine sent me a message telling me about the music of “Girl Talk“, a DJ from Pittsburgh. I’m not such a huge fan of this type of music (or at least I didn’t use to be), but I’m starting to discover interesting stuff around that I actually like. Girl Talk samples popular […]

The 6 months music challenge, Issue 1: Hipster, Please! Compilations

I’m a strong supporter of free and open source software. To be honest, I’m a supporter of free and open source anything really. That’s why I contribute to wikitravel (sporadically, but still), why I started wikiscuba (well, still trying to make it take off, really), openstreetmap and anything I can get my hands on that […]