Charles Basenga Kiyanda

Articles like this make me want to become a journalist. A company (a canadian company too, makes me ashamed) reinvented the de-humidifier, packaged it with a catchy name (the “watermill”) and a magic bacteria killing UV light and sells it for an outrageously high price (1200$). I understand journalists can’t be expected to know everything about engineering, but surely you must be aware of machines you can buy for 150$ at Wal-Mart. It just goes to say, if you’re going to write an article about a scientific or engineering achievement, you should find a geek somewhere in your surroundings (trust me, there is plenty of us) and run it by that person to make sure you’re not being duped. Any second year college science student should be able to spot this one from a mile away. Shame on you Ed Pilkington for writing this whole article without ever using the word dehumidifier.

Now, people, quick! I need good engineers and really good PR people for my new company. My invention is the ecoTrans. It’s a new 2-wheeled mode of transportation that uses no electricity or gas but can power its own lighting system at night. As a bonus, you can plug your ipod in while you’re using your ecoTrans during the day and it gets recharged. At 8000$ each, it’s much cheaper than a car and will stop our dependence on oil! (And no, people, it’s not just a bicycle with a dynamo, it’s the answer to the world’s problems.)

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