Charles Basenga Kiyanda

Poster making 101

Every conference that I have a poster at, I wonder again: “How big should I make the font again?”

This link was actually helpful.

For linux users out there, here are some font conversions.

PSA: Cover Letters

I’m guilty of writing shitty cover letters (I’m amazed I ever got a job). NPR Ed has a great write-up about cover letters. While it’s in the context of internship seekers, it all rings true for a job seeker as well. It’s also true for students. My name’s only been on the university website as […]

New “maker space” at Concordia

Really not so much a “maker space” as a “discover space”. It’s basically a library version of a maker space. Find it here: An interesting concept if you have no experience with arduino, 3D printing, VR gear and more. I’m told it opens February 22nd 2017. I might just have to go around and […]

How surprising is it actually that nurses were infected with Ebola in Texas?

I’ve been using twitter more and more (mostly given that I’m involved in a local Montreal openstreetmap group and I’m one of the two curating that twitter account) and recently got involved in a back and forth with @2closetocall about his following tweet:

@2closetocall: Ebola, this disease that is supposedly so hard to transmit… And yet […]

A vs. An

If you’re a non-native English speaker you might have struggled about when to use a vs. an. A previous adviser of mine, after years of corrections, finally managed to make me internalize the basic rule:

If the following word starts with a vowel, use an. If the following word starts with a consonant, use a.

That’s not […]

My guess is you had to scroll right

An article on La Presse (in french) reports on a study during which researchers asked participants to place Ukraine on a map. If you don’t read french it’s ok, just look at this picture.

The original picture looks like this. My first thought, when looking at this image, is “What’s so bizarre in Eurasia that one […]

Use version control

I’m serious, do. (So, in other news, I’m back after a long hiatus, maybe I’ll explain one day.)

I kept track of my Ph.D. thesis using subversion as I wrote it. I’m sure my blood pressure went down a few notches because of that. I highly recommend everyone do the same. Now I recently participated in […]

Kludging your way to nice figures with ubuntu+kile+inkscape+cairo+eps+psfrag

Several inkscape+latex+psfrag users have been complaining for quite a while now about the changes in cairo. I periodically forget how to kludge my way through while I wait for the situation to stabilize and I have to search the tubes for a couple hours before I remember all the details, so […]

How social networks are not at all like real people networks

An interesting presentation by Paul Adams on how online social networks are not built at all in the same way real life networks are. For a long time now I’ve kept, on the back of my mind, this idea that there must be a way for scientists to interact in a 21st century way rather […]

Why consumers won’t buy Rafe’s argument about not buying tablets and will buy them anyway

Cnet’s Rafe Needleman has an opinion/analysis piece about the coming demise of the tablet computers, even before they hit mainstream release with the crunchpad and the rumored Apple tablet. For those of you who haven’t been following out there, the tablets are supposed to be a touchscreen sharing a case with all the computer bits. […]