Charles Basenga Kiyanda

Airports and airplanes (preview)

I flew from Albuquerque to Montreal (Canada, not Missourri, thank you very much) recently and observed a few things about airports and airplane procedures

1- [This part of the post has been redacted for the time being. It turns out I’m still on travel and I figured I should wait until I’m back home before I post this. That way, if I get a visit from the FBI, I’ll be home when it happens.]

2- The days of crossing security checkpoints completely naked are coming soon! This time, while I was taking my shoes off, an agent came by and gently yelled to everyone that all “sweatshirst, hoodies and other similar things” had to be taken off. Maybe I’ll try and just entirely strip the next time I cross a security checkpoint. That ought to be fun.

3- Can someone tell me what a cross-check is and why flight attendants and airplane pilots now have to say these things on the loudspeakers? I’ve noticed that fact being advertised to all passengers now. (I don’t remember hearing the “prepare for cross-check” announcements before a couple of yeras ago.) Are they just trying to make flight attendants more obviously necessary?

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