Charles Basenga Kiyanda


Ok, I flew back from Montreal last week and noticed only a few things.

  1. This time, at Montreal security, my stuff got swabbed and [well let me redact this bit too. I’m back at home, now, but I’m not sure I want to get a visit from the FBI. We’ll have to see if I change my mind.]
  2. I can now confirm the hoodie thing. I had to switch terminals in Fort Lauderdale and it turns out the airport has security in every terminal. The TSA guard again instructed everyone that “hoodies, sweatshirt and similar things had to be taken off.” He was nice enough to let a girl (who probably only had a bra under her hoodie) keep hers on. TSA vs. fashion, here we come. I’m seriously considering starting a protest group and we just strip naked every time we have to go through a TSA checkpoint.
  3. Speaking of Fort Lauderdale, if you’re going from a cold place to Fort Lauderdale and then back to a cold place, just try to find a way to carry some light shoes and coat rather than winter boots and 5 layers of gore-tex.
  4. Still on about Fort Lauderdale, turns out the Hollywood Airport in Fort Lauderdale has free wi-fi. That makes 2 in the US now, with Albuquerque.
  5. Heard the best public announcement over the intercom in Dallas while waiting for a belated flight. (Apologies to the poor girl, I don’t quite remember her name, so I’ll just make it up.) It went : “Emily Smith, please call home and talk to your mother. Emily Smith, please call your mother.” It’s even funnier if you imagine it in a Jersey accent.

Happy flight if you have to travel.

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