Charles Basenga Kiyanda

Why consumers won’t buy Rafe’s argument about not buying tablets and will buy them anyway

Cnet’s Rafe Needleman has an opinion/analysis piece about the coming demise of the tablet computers, even before they hit mainstream release with the crunchpad and the rumored Apple tablet. For those of you who haven’t been following out there, the tablets are supposed to be a touchscreen sharing a case with all the computer bits. […]

Small World Networks of wikipedia

I think I came across a report on slashdot (the geek’s black hole of productivity) about the toplogy of wikipedia. Basically, looking at which articles link to what, they’re trying to figure out what the center of wikipedia is, the article from which you end up the quickest to any other article on wikipedia. Interesting.

Some cool stuff! Kaye effect and shear thinning in shampoo

As usual, youtube can be a very exciting place to find cool science stuff. In fact, nowadays, youtube is one of the number 1 places where I hear about cool science. Not journal papers.