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itunes store killes? (maybe not, but alternatives probably)

reporting on statistics of physical and mental violence in heterosexual couples (in french) showing more men are victims of violence than women. This is specifically canadian data, although they do hint at US and new zealand data as well. I’ll have to search that stuff a […]

Linux and music production

An interesting article on an electronic musician, Kim Cascone, switching from Mac to Linux for his music production. I wonder how this guy’s installation compares from starting with Ubunu Studio. My understanding is that Ubuntu Studio is supposed to be tailored to audio/video/image production from the start. I’ve been meaning to try it for a […]

It’s the simple things

Every time I buy music from amazon in mp3 format, I’m absolutely amazed at how well it works. I’m not just talking about the no-drm mp3 stuff, that’s only half of the equation. What’s the other half? Convenience. Amazon has a download utility for their digital music sales. I was amazed the first time I […]

Six months music challenge, part 8: Undercover black man

Well, apologies are in order. First off, I must apologize for not having posted anything in a long while. Mostly, I was busy with a conference and just dropped the ball when I came back, but I also had some website problems, which leads me to my second set of apologies. My website was blocked […]

From amateur to amateur

I’ve heard and read the rant (from pro and semi-pro photographers) that the “rise of the amateurs” will destroy photography. Photographers complaining about how flickr will destroy photography. Mostly, the rant is about stock photographers’ loss of a business model. The argument I’ve heard goes like so:

“Amateurs and enthusiast will take millions of pictures. Every […]

Of science and music

After my last post, I had a comment by Alex, who didn’t believe one could compare science publications with musical records. I’ll give him right that there are many differences between the two, although I still think there’s one important parallel that can be drawn between the two.

First, here’s how it works when you publish […]

Unsprung Artists and

I was strolling around the tube, reading the different blogs I like to read when I came across this posting by an internet company, SONGboost. What are they saying?

 If you are an unsprung artist (unsigned, unknown, undiscovered, emerging) and your wondering how to make money from music, you should not plan your future around selling […]