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social software and science

I haven’t been through this entire post on, but glancing at the first few lines seems interesting. On the subject of science and social software.

classifying papers

Every few months I ask myself the question again: “What to do with my scientific library?” I’ve run across solutions here and there, bu none which convinced me: jabref, zotero, papers, etc.

I actually tried jabref, but it struck me as not having many functions beyond holding a list of all my papers and generating a […]

Creating an online persona

A (really good!) friend of mine was recently contacted by a head hunter. He was subsequently flown to the company headquarters and given a tour. He’s also an engineer, though his specialty is not at all in the same domain as mine. (I still like him though.) While touring this company, he noticed they actually […]

cell phone + camera + dating site + internet = ?

I saw an ad for snap by lavalife while on the subway in New York this week and I was intrigued to say the least. Snap is actually a contest. Lavalife submit questions regularly along the lines of “Photograph your favorite or ideal pet” or “Photograph something with your favorite color”. It sounds cheezy, but […]

From amateur to amateur

I’ve heard and read the rant (from pro and semi-pro photographers) that the “rise of the amateurs” will destroy photography. Photographers complaining about how flickr will destroy photography. Mostly, the rant is about stock photographers’ loss of a business model. The argument I’ve heard goes like so:

“Amateurs and enthusiast will take millions of pictures. Every […]

The Cloud and the Dreamer

People have lately been talking about “computing in the cloud”. I hate that sentence. Nonetheless, what I’m guessing they’re referring to is “using the internet as an infrastructure design component in computing systems”. I’m not happy with that either. For one, as a scientist, the word “computing” has a rather precise definition which can’t be […]

No good deed goes unpunished

I’m in the process of getting rid of some old crap I have laying around and no longer use. I’ve replaced it with some old, albeit younger crap. In any case, I posted stuff on craigslist some stuff for sale and some for free. One of those items was a small, roughly 1 cubic foot, […]

Last fm

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I’ve been discovering new social networks everyday. Here is one I find very interesting for discovering […]