Charles Basenga Kiyanda

This should be in the shameless self-promotion category

I’ve been signed up on jpgmag for quite a while now, but I’ve just submitted an image for the theme “Creatures”. Go vote for me, now! (You’ll need to sign up, but I’m sure you want to anyway!)

[Update 1: I screwed something up. I wanted to submit a second image to the theme and discovered […]

cell phone + camera + dating site + internet = ?

I saw an ad for snap by lavalife while on the subway in New York this week and I was intrigued to say the least. Snap is actually a contest. Lavalife submit questions regularly along the lines of “Photograph your favorite or ideal pet” or “Photograph something with your favorite color”. It sounds cheezy, but […]

From amateur to amateur

I’ve heard and read the rant (from pro and semi-pro photographers) that the “rise of the amateurs” will destroy photography. Photographers complaining about how flickr will destroy photography. Mostly, the rant is about stock photographers’ loss of a business model. The argument I’ve heard goes like so:

“Amateurs and enthusiast will take millions of pictures. Every […]

Lenswork goes green

It’s no secret that I love the photography magazine “Lenswork“. The only thing wrong with this publication is that there would never be enough issues in a year.

I received a one year subscription as a christmas gift this year and this second issue and was pleasantly surprised when I read the editorial. The staff of […]

What do I read now?

Those who’ve known me for a while, know that I love photography. I was thinking lately that there’s been a shift in what I read (or look at) photographically speaking. I used to read stuff like Shutterbug. I don’t anymore. Don’t get me wrong, the

magazine is fine. I bought it more when I was looking […]