Charles Basenga Kiyanda

It’s the simple things

Every time I buy music from amazon in mp3 format, I’m absolutely amazed at how well it works. I’m not just talking about the no-drm mp3 stuff, that’s only half of the equation. What’s the other half? Convenience. Amazon has a download utility for their digital music sales. I was amazed the first time I tried it to see their website suggesting packages for debian, ubuntu, fedora and (I think) Suse. I was even more amazed when the install went without a hitch, their program started and the download actually worked.

Amazons download utility working flawlessly on linux

Amazon's download utility working flawlessly on linux

I recently wiped out my system on my laptop and installed the latest version of ubuntu. Even though the amazon website said the package was for ubuntu 8.10, I was, once again, amazed to see it work flawlessly with the 9.04 version of ubuntu. It’s the little things, you know…

Now, may this be a model for other businesses out there. It’s not that difficult! Just make it simple. Sell what people actually want (audio files that will work on any music player) in a convenient way. Don’t fuss around with making the killer app that will download my music, catalog it, make me coffee and take care of my playlists. Amazon’s app isn’t trying to disloge the itunes software thingie. I just want to buy music, just sell it to me already.

Funny how Amazon, without ever selling a single music player, managed to make a place for itself in the music selling niche while competing with the company that probably has a 90% market share in music players and essentially bundles its music store in with every player. Granted, amazon has lots of ressources, but they didn’t go hi-tech here. The lesson is simple. I have money and I want to spend it. Just sell me the darned thing already.

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